BZ Consulting      

BZ Consulting arose from a desire to take and apply as a coherent whole the experiences of its founders in the realms of architectural practice and building procurement processes. Crucial to us is our belief in a close and continuing dialogue with our clients as a means of providing the best consultancy services - a dialogue which begins, when necessary, at the earliest design stages of a project and continues throughout the building works, often until long after their completion.

BZ Consulting is a multi-disciplinary building consultancy company providing a variety of support services in the building procurement process including: property acquisition advice; party wall negotiations, CDM co-ordination and planning consultancy services. As Bates Zambelli Chartered Architects we are able to adopt the traditional role of lead consultant. We believe that only through the rigorous application of all of these disciplines can our clients' vision, facilitated by our expertise, be fully realised.

BZ Consulting forms part of Bates Zambelli Limited which incorporated in 2000 and arose from the practice of STS Bates Architects founded in 1991. Sherry Bates and Alessandro Zambelli are its sole and founding directors.

Sherry Bates and Alessandro Zambelli March 2008