BZ Conservation      

BZ Conservation is the dedicated historic buildings division of Bates Zambelli Limited, a firm of Chartered Architects incorporated in 2000 and arising from STS Bates Architects, a practice founded in 1991. Sherry Bates and Alessandro Zambelli are the sole and founding directors of Bates Zambelli Limited. Sherry is an inspecting architect for the Oxford and St Albans dioceses. He is also an associate member of the Ecclesiastical Architect's and Surveyors Association (EASA).

As a practice, Bates Zambelli is interested in architecture as a cultural endeavour as much as a profession. Both principals have a background in teaching architecture at university and are interested in the history and theory of the subject. We remain engaged in current debates relating to architectural theory and practice. Although the design of new buildings lies at the core of what we do, it is our architectural position that building conservation skills are vital to the architect in the UK today, as so much new building involves historic buildings or sites adjacent to them. Moreover historic buildings and building techniques have much to teach us that is relevant to new design work.


Sherry Bates and Alessandro Zambelli May 2008