CDM Co-ordination



On notifiable projects you must, in addition to your standard duties, make sure that you:

  • Appoint a CDM Co-ordinator to advise and assist you and also to co-ordinate arrangements for Health & Safety during the design and planning phase. The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) requires that appointment should be before significant detailed design work which includes preparation of the initial concept design and implementation of any strategic brief. (ACoP para 66). Designers are not permitted to undertake any other design work until the CDM Co-ordinator has been appointed.
  • Appoint a Principal Contractor as soon as practicable to advise on buildability and maintainability and later to plan & manage the construction work.
  • Do not allow construction works to start until the Principal Contractor has prepared a suitable Construction Phase Plan and put suitable welfare facilities in place.
  • Agree the contents and format of the Health & Safety File and provide the CDM Co-ordinator with relevant information for this document. The CDM Co-ordinator will ensure the Health & Safety File is prepared, reviewed or updated (as appropriate) ready for handing over to you on completion of the work. This is an important legal document.
  • Keep the Health & Safety File safe and make it available to anyone who may need it in the future, and explain its purpose to them. You must also update it whenever necessary. When you dispose of your interest in the structure you must also pass on the File to those acquiring it.